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Creating the Perfect Hamptons Bathroom: Ideas and Inspiration

Imagine basking in the timeless elegance of a luxurious Hamptons-style bathroom, reminiscent of the breezy and sophisticated retreats found on Long Island’s east coast. Now envision bringing that same refined and relaxing atmosphere into your own home with Hamptons bathroom ideas. This guide will provide you with inspiration and practical ideas to create the perfect Hamptons bathroom, combining classic design elements with modern functionality.

Key Takeaways

  • Create a luxurious Hamptons bathroom with neutral colour palette, high-gloss tiles, and shaker-style cabinetry
  • Select the right vanity according to size and material for desired aesthetic
  • Incorporate traditional tapware & fixtures, elegant lighting solutions, wall treatments & accessories to complete the look

Hamptons Bathroom Colour Palette

Image Credits: Simon Whitbread

To create a classic Hamptons-style bathroom, it is important to pick the right colour palette. Utilising shades of grey and white—seen in many varieties of tiles including subway tile—creates an elegant atmosphere for one’s space. To add contrast without overwhelming the room, black elements such as window treatments or handles may be incorporated into minimal amounts. Exploring neutral tones with carefully chosen flooring can contribute to harmoniously incorporating this design style —a few examples being white marble Carrara, Bianca and Calacatta options paired perfectly together creating that sought after shaker-styled profile within cabinetry fixtures alone which all help build a relaxing yet exquisite ambience inside your abode giving off strong hospitable vibes akin to those from holiday resorts!

Hamptons Style Tiles and Flooring

Image Credits: Adam McGrath

To create a lavish atmosphere in your Hamptons-style bathroom, large floor tiles are the way to go. The glossy finish will add an upscale touch and make it look incredibly polished. For walls one can opt for Carrara marble subway tiles. This gives off timeless vibes that suit the luxuriousness of a Hampton-styled bathroom perfectly. As adding them on all four walls could be too much, incorporating herringbone pattern with these wall tiles is recommended as they give it visual intrigue while still maintaining its grandeur ambience intact.

Shaker-Style Cabinetry and Vanities

Image Credits: Pinterest

Hamptons style bathrooms can be made more elegant and spacious with the use of shaker-style cabinetry, vanities which are floating, as well as white cabinets. This classic design focus emphasises boldness combined with elegance while emphasising interesting yet timeless aesthetic elements such marble, lighting fixtures or tapware to create an inviting atmosphere in any room. The incorporation of this style will also contribute to make sure that its jewellery features remain highlighted for all those who enter it.

Selecting the Right Vanity

For a Hamptons bathroom, choosing a floating vanity to complement the overall theme and colour palette is essential. This type of cabinet allows air to move beneath it, generating an illusion of more space which helps in preserving the neatness and breeziness within that room. Vanities can be found in traditional or modern styles as well as constructed with wood, stone or metal. Thus when selecting one take into account its size relative to your given bathroom area. Ensure you measure available space beforehand for optimal fitment purposes!

Shaker-Style Hardware

Image Credits: Prodeco Cabinet

To ensure your Hamptons bathroom exudes classic sophistication and elegance, the choice of cabinetry style is paramount. A shaker-style design with chrome or nickel pulls will add charm to any washroom aesthetic. Solid marble vanity tops as well as bright chrome and gold hardware Elevate its look, bringing an opulence feel without compromising on timelessness. By carefully selecting these elements for your Hamptons themed abode, you can guarantee it emits ageless poise throughout!

Freestanding Bathtubs and Showers

Image Credits: Ciara Tapia Design

Achieving a classic Hamptons style in your bathroom is all about having the right focal points. Freestanding bathtubs and showers with modern silhouettes, vintage claw-foot tubs for cozy baths or marble inset baths can set an elegant tone. With one of these options at its centre, you’ll be able to create a luxurious spa-like experience which embodies the essence of this coastal area’s lifestyle. Showers that fit into this aesthetic are equally important as they add a touch of sophistication while making use out of every square inch available in such limited space.

Elegant Lighting Solutions

Image Credits: Pinterest

Achieving an elegant and classic Hamptons style in your bathroom can be done by paying attention to lighting. Wall sconces, glass pendants, rattan pendant light or a wicker table lamp and other hanging fixtures create the desired ambiance with symmetry while providing visual appeal as well as function for your bathroom space. Adding white or hues of ocean colours will give a calming feel that invites relaxation – perfecting that ideal alluring look conducive to embracing the experience of being within this timelessly beautiful area we call The Hamptons!

Hamptons Bathroom Accessories

Image Credits: Pinterest

To help create a luxurious, indulgent atmosphere in your Hamptons bathroom while also enhancing the overall experience of comfort, it is advisable to include plush items such as towels and robes. In order to maintain an aesthetically pleasing look that still utilises practicality. Attempt limiting accessories by storing them inside transparent glass containers. Adding some colour with tasteful vases can give off warmth whilst embracing the trademark design feel synonymous with Hamptons style decorating. Consequently providing both useful yet visually appealing components for anyone looking to add more character into their bathroom space!

Wallpaper and Wall Treatments

Image Credits: John Downs

For a classic Hamptons-inspired space, adding visual interest and charm to your bathroom is essential. A great way to achieve this look is by installing statement wall treatments such as patterned wallpaper or graphic colours on the walls. Whether it’s traditional Hamptons style, beachy vibes or something more dramatic with bold hues, these elements will create an aesthetic that celebrates coastal life in the Hamptons. For added impactful symmetry and effect, mount matching wall lamps on either side of the vanity mirror for maximum drama! With proper consideration given to all design aspects like wallpaper selection etc., you can craft a captivating restroom which truly embodies modern day Hampton living.

Traditional Tapware and Fixtures

Image Credits: Instagram

When looking to create a classic Hamptons-style bathroom, having traditional tapware and fixtures of the highest quality is essential. Opt for mixers with sophisticated designs or wall-mounted spouts that emphasise minimalism, this will provide you with both long lasting performance as well as an ideal look for your space. To make sure the room looks complete it’s important that all finishes throughout have consistency in hue and style. Taking into consideration these details can effortlessly aid in creating a timelessly luxurious aesthetic inspired by The Hamptons.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Image Credits: Pinterest

For a luxurious and peaceful atmosphere, integrate nature into your Hamptons-style bathroom. Simple white or glass vases with fresh flowers can provide an elegant touch to the airy space. Natural lighting is also essential for achieving this aesthetic, plantation shutters are perfect window treatments that offer privacy while letting in just the right amount of light. By including natural elements such as these you will be able to create an even more inviting experience within your Hamptons room which Amplifies its charm and elegance.

Hamptons Bathroom Layout and Design

Image Credits: Live by the Sea Photography

Before crafting your ideal Hamptons bathroom, it is essential to plan out the layout and incorporate features like white marble, grey-and-white colour scheme, high gloss floor tiles along with one or two hero pieces. To make sure you create a timelessly luxurious space in particular for kids bathrooms in this style – symmetry and functionality must be taken into consideration.

If you require any help when designing your own version of a Hamptons styled bath area then ABI Interiors would be glad to provide complimentary design consultation services at no charge. Through their advice and tactical planning methods building such an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere can become achievable where even all aspects related directly to this theme will be seamlessly met!


Crafting an idyllic Hamptons-style bathroom requires a considerate blend of design components such as neutral hues, shaker cabinetry, high gloss floor tiles and traditional tapware complemented with opulent features like freestanding baths and elaborate lighting solutions. By taking into account the balance between symmetry & practicality while factoring in natural elements – you can transform your restroom to exude classic elegance characteristic to that distinct lifestyle. Creating this lavish space involves focusing on all these individual parts when constructing it for maximum effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Hamptons bathroom look like?

Designing bathrooms in the Hamptons style involves choosing a colour palette of subtle blues, light greens, whites and sand shades for an open airy vibe. Neutral hues such as beige or grey can also be included to enhance this effect. By carefully selecting colours that reference nature (along with muted tones) you create baths fitting any classic coastal escape!

How do you get the Hampton look?

For a classic Hamptons vibe, combine calm neutrals and crisp blues with rustic natural elements like wooden or wicker furniture pieces, sisal carpets and light linen curtains.

Add flair by using accent lighting fixtures plus stylish prints and complement the look with sophisticated accents to complete your Hampton design concept.

How do you make a small bathroom luxurious?

Make your small bathroom look luxurious by incorporating natural decor, decluttering, stocking plush bath towels, installing a new showerhead, using colour to create calm, upgrading your toiletries, incorporating plenty of storage, adding a walk-in shower, using faux marble, adding a bench and wall niche to the shower, using tile from the shower along the walls behind the toilet and sink, keeping colours light and bright, opting for glass showers doors and mirrors, and taking on tile and getting smart storage.

What colours should I use in my Hamptons-style bathroom?

For a Hamptons-style bathroom, opt for cool tones of grey and white with subtle hints of black or blue to add some contrast. The classic combination captures the sophistication that is so often associated with this timeless style.

What type of tiles should I use in my Hamptons bathroom?

To create a lavish Hamptons bathroom, installing floor tiles with glossy finishes and utilising marble on the walls – in particular Carrara, Bianca or Calacatta varieties – is ideal.

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