10 Creative Small Outdoor BBQ Area Ideas to Elevate Your Backyard Space

Picture this: You’re hosting a backyard barbecue for your friends and family, but your outdoor space is limited. How can you make the most of your small BBQ area and still create an inviting atmosphere? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a list of 10 creative small outdoor BBQ area ideas that will elevate your backyard space and ensure everyone has a fantastic time.

Key Takeaways

  • Maximise small BBQ areas with vertical storage, foldable furniture & multi-functional items.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere with creative seating solutions and lighting ideas.
  • Utilise space saving accessories & clever storage for an organised outdoor experience.

Maximising Space in a Small BBQ Area

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When it comes to working with a small BBQ area, one of the major challenges is how best to use and manage limited outdoor space. To create an attractive yet practical outdoor living room you can make good use of foldable furniture pieces, storage options that go up vertically, and items which offer multiple purposes.

To get into specifics on these creative solutions for making do with smaller areas: vertical shelves or racks will take advantage of overhead spaces. Stow-away tables are handy in conserving room as well. Multi-purpose accessories add more style than regular bbq equipment alone ever could – all while keeping your already tight quarters neat!

Vertical Storage Solutions

Your BBQ area (or cooking zone) can be even more efficient if you install shelves, cabinets and racks on your walls which are made of weather resistant materials. This helps to optimise the space available by giving valuable floor space for seating and dining options while allowing enough room for storage so that all of your necessary supplies like utensils or plates have a home when they aren’t in use.
It is much simpler to make mouth-watering meals with an organised outdoor kitchen as opposed to searching through cluttered surfaces trying to find what you need!

Foldable Furniture

For seating your outdoor dining area, foldable furniture is an ideal solution for making the best use of available space. For instance, rattan furnishings are not just stylish but they are also weatherproof and reliable so perfect for BBQ areas.

Folding chairs, tables and benches can be easily tucked away when not in use letting you create a pleasant yet compact dining spot without losing out on precious room within your bbq area.

Multi-Functional Items

When it comes to making the best use of limited space in a bbq area, multi-purpose tools such as griddles and smokers are ideal. A grill that includes a side burner is great for when you need to cook multiple dishes at once while an outdoor pizza oven can also serve as a fireplace during cooler evenings.

By carefully selecting cooking equipment with multifunctional uses, your outdoor kitchen will be fully equipped and ready for all sorts of events involving family and friends—from sizzling barbecues to mouthwatering pizzas!

Compact BBQ Grills for Small Spaces

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If you don’t have much room, consider getting a compact BBQ grill to ensure that your outdoor cooking experience isn’t hindered. Portable grills, wall-mounted options or tabletop types are all great for limited spaces and will let you enjoy alfresco dining without taking up too much space. Let’s explore these Grill choices more thoroughly now! Tabletop models offer the ideal solution if floor area is tight as they can fit into almost any setting while still allowing efficient barbecuing. Even in small places there should be sufficient space to accommodate them. Wall mounted units provide an excellent choice when it comes to maximising useable kitchen areas where extra counter tops may not be available yet with multiple zones of heat output users should find this type particularly suitable for larger families who need increased quantities cooked quickly

Portable Grills

For those looking to BBQ in smaller outdoor areas, the Weber Q 1200 and Smokey Joe Premium offer a great solution. Compact and highly portable, these grills are easy to move around so that your space remains tidy when not being used. Even though you’re limited on square footage for cooking outdoors, this won’t stop you from getting delicious results! The high-quality performance of both models ensures it stays that way no matter what kinds of dishes you have in mind.

Tabletop Grills

When it comes to BBQs, tableside grills such as the Weber Go-Anywhere and Q 1200 can be a great option for saving space. Not only do they provide adequate cooking opportunities on any flat surface like counters or tabletops. Their reliable performance enables delicious meals with minimal room required.

This is ideal if you have limited floor area but still want to enjoy mouthwatering outdoor barbecues!

Wall-Mounted Grills

In cramped areas, wall-mounted grills like the Space Grill and Paradise Grills GX Island Series are great solutions for barbecuing. Not only do these appliances provide space saving qualities by folding away when not needed, they guarantee scrumptious dishes with their durable construction. So even in tight spaces you can still savour delicious BBQ food!

Transforming Tiny Patios and Balconies into BBQ Havens

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For those with limited outdoor space, such as a small patio or balcony, you can still enjoy your own private barbecue area. This is achievable through creative ideas which involve using corners for maximum efficiency and making use of greenery to bring life into the environment while creating an illusion that there’s more room by employing mirrors. Transforming your outside space from a simple backyard zone into one filled with alfresco cooking and dining areas requires imagination but it’s not impossible!

Utilize Corner Spaces

Create a welcoming space for your family and friends to enjoy by making use of the corner spaces when maximising small BBQ areas. With these ideas in mind, you can easily transform any outdoor area into an enjoyable cooking and dining experience. For instance, with the help of a portable grill that fits neatly in one corner – there is more room left over for seating or any other amenities you might want to include! By implementing bbq area ideas effectively this way, it will create a functional atmosphere as well as increase comfortability while enjoying meals outdoors.

Add Greenery

To create a pleasant atmosphere, one can introduce plants and greenery to their BBQ area. This adds life while also forming an element of privacy around the cooking zone. Pots, vertical gardens or even small herb patches will not only enhance your outdoor space but add fresh ingredients for savoury dishes as well.

It is easy to turn this patio corner into a soothing haven with lushness all-round, adding characterful touches that make it feel like an intimate getaway spot in no time!

Use Mirrors

When designing your small outdoor BBQ area, mirrors can be a great tool to create the look of a larger space. Mirrors capture and reflect light which helps give an expansive feeling in any size room. Wall-mounted mirrors enhance depth perception while corner mounted pieces open up cramped areas. For that extra something special, try hanging decorative options near seating locations for added style points as well as more available surface real estate without physically taking up additional space!

Creating with creativity using mirrors allows you to transform this usual backyard spot into one that has atmosphere not found anywhere else by providing visual enhancement through stylishness when crafting the bbqing experience. Whether it is stand alone or incorporated within another preexisting design element in said barbecue region.

Modular Outdoor Kitchen Solutions for Small Spaces

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Creating a stylish BBQ area in a limited space can be achieved through the use of modular outdoor kitchen solutions. Pre-fabricated, custom-built or do it yourself kits are all adaptable and customisable options that enable you to design your own barbecue zone according to your needs. Whether it’s simply for aesthetic reasons or more practical concerns such as size constraints, these methods will help bring life into any outdoors spaces with ease!

Pre-Fabricated Units

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If you have a small BBQ area, creating an outdoor kitchen is easy with pre-fabricated units that come in various sizes and configurations. These are simple to install as they already come fully assembled. Saving time and energy for other tasks. Different types of bbq which can be used include Everdure Neo Black Outdoor Kitchen, Crossray 4 Burner BBQ with double fridge plus storage or Alfresco Plus DIY range – allowing the user to quickly create a stylish space outdoors perfect for entertaining guests! With all these options available it becomes possible to design attractive and functional outdoor kitchens in no time at all.

Custom-Built Solutions

When building an outdoor kitchen, one can customise it to their specific needs and space. Professional help or DIY projects could create a bbq area without taking up too much room while still incorporating elements such as a grill, sink and storage. Selecting materials that match the exterior of your home will result in stylish completion of the project by creating cohesion between indoor/outdoor living spaces.

DIY Projects

For an affordable solution to making a BBQ area in small spaces, DIY outdoor kitchen projects can be the ideal choice. If you have some experience of basic building and love being creative then this could be your perfect opportunity! By constructing items such as brick/concrete barbecues or installing pre-fabricated kits, plus creating decks for sheltering purposes with pergolas, there are plenty of ways to design a stunning yet practical outdoor space that is unique to your style and taste.

Creative Seating Solutions for Small BBQ Areas

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When you need to make the most of a small BBQ area, creative seating solutions can help. Built-in benches are an ideal solution if space is at a premium as they provide comfort while saving valuable room for guests. Chairs that stack or hang from overhead areas also work well in limited spaces and still offer comfortable places to sit during barbecues. With these thoughtful selections your outdoor dining needs will be addressed without sacrificing too much floor space.

Built-In Benches

Creating a cozy and inviting dining experience in your outdoor kitchen area doesn’t have to mean sacrificing precious space. Installing built-in benches can provide plenty of seating without the need for extra flooring, thus making them suitable even for tight spaces where barbecuing takes place. The choices are wide when it comes to what materials these could be made out of (wood or concrete being two popular options) as well as having storage features incorporated into their design so you make full use of all available areas.

Stacking Chairs

If you have a small BBQ area and need to free up space, consider getting stacking chairs such as Replica Furniture’s outdoor stackable options or steel varieties. These furnishings are easy to move around due to their portability and lightweight design which makes them perfect for providing extra seating when guests arrive without cramming your bbq spot. Plus they can be stacked away quickly Taking no room at all!

Hanging Seats

For an extra special seating area in your small BBQ space, think about adding a hanging seat such as a hammock or swing chair. These chairs can be attached to either a sturdy tree branch or pergola, creating the perfect environment for guests to relax and enjoy themselves outdoors.

This could be just what you need to make use of that limited BBQ area while still giving off cozy vibes! With hanging seats, it’s possible to create both style and function within the same compact spot.

Lighting Ideas for Small Outdoor BBQ Spaces

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When the sun goes down, it is important to think about creating a warm and inviting outdoor BBQ space. By putting in lighting ideas like string lights, solar-powered lamps or task illumination you can make your area perfect for alfresco dining and grilling.

Let’s now have a closer look at these different types of lightings available:

String Lights

Creating a warm ambiance in your outdoor backyard BBQ area can make all the difference. String lights are one of the best ways to do this – they come with lots of options for making use and design flair from around railings or posts to hanging overhead as an energy-efficient long lasting option like Addlon Backyard Bulb string light, Solatec LEDString Lights etcetera. By using these you can transform any boring space into inviting cozy atmosphere that is perfect for hosting those cherished bbq gatherings!

Solar-Powered Lights

Illuminating your outdoor area can be an environmentally-friendly and carefree experience with solar lights. These lamps are powered by the sun, so there’s no need for electrical wiring or electricity usage – making them a hassle-free addition to any exterior decorating scheme. Plus, they come in a variety of attractive designs and colours that easily fit into most space’s styles. Popular brands such as Hoselink , Sunny Bunny , Bunnings , Barbeques Galore & Mitre 10 have great selections available today!

Task Lighting

For added illumination in the outdoor space where you BBQ, install wall-mounted or clamp-on grill lights. This type of task lighting is perfect for making sure that cooking and eating stays comfortable even after dark has fallen since it gives off focused light to your small bbq area. If desired, pendant or spotlights can also be used as a decorative way to shed light onto this space while still providing plenty of visibility for dining on dishes prepared at the barbecue.

Space-Saving Accessories for Small BBQ Areas

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In a confined BBQ spot, it is critical to make the best use of every bit of space available. To optimise your outdoor environment and ensure you’re ready for entertaining guests, there are accessories designed specifically with this purpose in mind: collapsible coolers, magnetic tool holders that keep items organised without occupying unnecessary area, as well as roll-up dish racks.

Let’s take an even closer look at these special contraptions aimed to help conserve room in any given barbecue region.

Collapsible Coolers

For small BBQ areas, collapsible coolers like the Yeti Hopper Flip 18 or RovR KeepR can be a great option to save space. These convenient containers are also waterproof and exceptionally durable so your food will stay cold for as long as possible during your outdoor gathering. Stowing away when not in use, they’ll leave you plenty of room without sacrificing quality refrigeration capacity!

Magnetic Tool Holders

BBQ Tool Holders, such as the Camp Chef Magnetic BBQ and Enders® tool holders are an efficient way to maintain neatness of your grilling tools. By attaching them onto the metal surface or grill near you. They will remain accessible while saving up counter space.

These amazingholders feature not only their handy quality but also exceptional longevity with sturdy built-up that can handle multiple uses.

Roll-Up Dish Racks

For small BBQ areas, a great way to save space is by using roll-up dish racks. These practical items like the Surpahs Over the Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack or FLYSMILEITY’s version can be laid over your sink or basin and provide extra prep area for bbqing activities. On top of that, they are specially designed with durable material making them perfect for outdoor use yet quickly foldable when not in need anymore.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Outdoor BBQ Spaces

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Organising and tidying up your small outdoor BBQ area is a key component in making it inviting. To achieve this, savvy storage solutions such as cabinets and benches can be installed to house the required tools for barbecuing plus other items. In more detail: these ideas provide plenty of room so that everything related to BBQ-ing remains stored neatly away and easily accessible when needed, creating an even better atmosphere!

Outdoor Cabinets

Outdoor kitchens like the Everdure Neo Black and Crossray BBQ with double fridge/storage are perfect for keeping your bbq tools, supplies and accessories weatherproofed. The added cabinets make it much easier to stay organised in any small outdoor grilling space, allowing you to benefit from all that extra storage without compromising on accessibility or neatness.

Storage Benches

When furnishing an outdoor kitchen space, adding a storage bench is a perfect way to save on precious room while still providing guests with comfortable seating. Storage benches like the Keymar Teak Outdoor or Waterproof ones offer both places for people to sit and stores for items such as cushions, blankets etc. This means you can create the perfect dining area without having to make sacrifices when it comes down to required storage components of your BBQ setup.


Creating a stylish and functional small outdoor BBQ area requires planning to get the most out of the space. To take advantage, consider utilising vertical storage for items that would otherwise occupy floor space as well as opting for foldable furniture or multi-functional pieces when possible. Clever storage options such as baskets can help maximise usage while lighting choices should be selected with entertaining in mind to ensure enjoyable alfresco cooking experiences and cozy dining spaces. With these ideas implemented, it’s easy to make any size outdoor bbq spot into an inviting atmosphere!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I put my BBQ in my small backyard?

Creating a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces can be achieved by utilising the corner or wall of your small backyard to tuck away the barbecue. This will help maximise its potential while also providing an orderly feel.

How do you plan a BBQ area?

When planning a BBQ, it is essential to think about the available space and build four zones – prep, cooking, cleaning up, and serving. Once you have organised adequate areas for each zone with its specific appliances installed in place, then you are ready to start grilling!

Creating an ideal spot requires diligent consideration when allocating spaces plus necessary tools such as the bbq unit itself. Be sure that there is ample room set aside for preparation of ingredients before they hit the grill. Also ensure plenty of area designated for both cleaning dishes post-bbqing session or simply dishing out food during mealtime. With careful thought put into creating this setup – success will be guaranteed on your next barbecue adventure!

What size outdoor area for BBQ?

Experience the outdoors and whip up scrumptious meals with an outdoor kitchen that’s at least three metres long, giving you plenty of space for a 900mm barbecue as well as 600mm worktop on either side.

What are some ideas for transforming tiny patios and balconies into BBQ havens?

With a few simple tricks, you can turn your small patio or balcony into the perfect BBQ spot! Make use of corners to maximise your space and add potted plants for some greenery. Mirrors also help create an illusion of spaciousness so that it feels larger than it actually is. Get ready to enjoy this summer sun from within your cozy outdoor area!

What are some space-saving accessories to keep my small BBQ area organised?

Keep your outdoor BBQ space neat and tidy with handy collapsible coolers, magnetic tool holders, and rolled up dish racks! These items will help you maximise organisation in the bbq area without creating any extra mess.

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